Picking A Good Youth Baseball Bat}

September 12th, 2017

Picking a Good Youth Baseball Bat


Joe Mueller

Having fun in the game of baseball begins with being able to hit a pitched ball with a bat. A player who can hit is a player that likes playing. There is little doubt that having solid hitting fundamentals is key to putting a baseball into play, but another key factor is also finding the right youth baseball bat for them.

It can be the case that parents who would like their player to get better at hitting the ball go out and just buy any old bat that they find as long as it looks nice. This can backfire and cause your player unnecessary problems with their swing if the bat is too long, or too heavy. If a bat has either the wrong length or the wrong weight it can create problems in the future for your player.

The are a few things that parents need to be aware of when selecting a bat for their children. The most important elements of the bat is its weight and length. This is generally communicated to to consumers by a ratio called the length-to-weight ratio. This number is communicated as a negative number (like -3) and is a description of the difference between the length and weight of a bat. A -3 bat is 3 ounces lighter than the length of the bat. A 30 inch bat with a -3 length-to-weight ratio is 27 ounces.

It is important for youth players to have the lightest bat for the length that they need. A light bat will help them swing the bat faster, control the barrel of the bat better, and to make solid contact on both the inside and outside edges of the plate.

Unfortunately, light youth baseball are not cheap and can run you a up to three hundred dollars depending on the level of bat that you buy. They are expensive because of the high quality alloys that producers use in making these bats. The main reason manufacturers use these high-tech alloys is that it allows engineers to make the youth bats with very thin walls – giving it a lot of pop.

Inexpensive aluminum bats are still made from the same element of aluminum but will have walls with greater thickness and will be heavier than the higher quality bats. Heavy bats with heavy barrels can slow down bat speed, increase “sting” produced by bat vibrations, and drop the head of the bat as it is pulled through the the strike zone.

Players who are seeking to get their baseball career off the ground need to learn how to make solid contact with a baseball. You can learn this with our without a high quality youth baseball bat, but having a properly fitted bat is a must.

In order to fit a bat to your player’s hitting needs the first place to look is the length-to-weight ratio. This is the key metric to look at when buying your bat. This ratio is a negative number that tells a person the difference between the length and the height. To help understand this better, if I were to buy a bat with 42 inch length and the bat had a -9 length-to-weight ratio the bat would weigh 33 ounces.

Another important factor is the barrel diameter of your baseball bat. It is relatively obvious that the greater the diameter, the greater the hitting area of the bat. This is important for filling the strike zone with your bat. It is important to note that each baseball league has its own rules about how big the diameter of the bat can be so be sure to check with your coach or umpire before purchasing your bat.

Remember, getting the right fit on a bat for your player can be critical to their success at the plate. The right youth baseball bat could turn your average hitter into a powerful contact hitter capable of driving the ball out of the park.

Hitting can be an exhilarating experience for young players. Help them find a high quality

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Altercation erupts between rock musicians at MTV Music Video Awards

September 12th, 2017

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rock musicians Kid Rock and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee were involved in a minor altercation at the 2007 MTV Music Video Awards (VMA), held on Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Both Lee and Rock were former husbands of Pamela Anderson, who was present at the VMAs and delivered her lines from the top of a table. Eye witnesses claim the fight started when Kid Rock, who was sitting next to rapper Diddy, walked up to Lee and slapped him. Tommy Lee stood up to fight back and Rock punched him in the face. Lee was dragged off by security guards before he was able to fight back.

Rap Producer Rich Nice said Lee had been antagonizing Rock before the altercation. The incident inspired many jokes from hip hop and rap artist, such as MTV VJ Sway who was quoted saying “They say it’s only rappers. I told you rockers fight too.” Police cited Rock for misdemeanor battery.

Power Tool: Safety Around Your Home}

August 26th, 2017

Submitted by: Andrew Stratton

You may feel confident using power tools around your home, but safety should still be a primary concern. Even experienced people can have serious accidents, so you should never skip even the most minor of safety precautions. By consistently following certain rules you can prevent many potential hazards that could harm you or your family.

The steps that should be followed are:

1. Read the instructions

When buying or borrowing a power tool, be sure to read all of the instructions carefully. Different brands and types of tools will have different safety regulations.

2. Maintain and check your power tools

Before you begin any project, be sure that your power tools have been regularly checked and any maintenance that is necessary, has been performed. A loose screw, drained battery, or rusty blade can cause serious damage on both your project materials and your body.

YouTube Preview Image

3. Dress for work

You wouldn’t arrive to the office in Bermuda shorts, so don’t pick up a drill while wearing pearls. Wear comfortably fitting clothing, goggles, ear plugs, Wand gloves when necessary. Loose shirts or accessories can get tangled in the power tools, causing damage to both you and the machine.

4. Work in an appropriate area

You sometimes might be limited in your workspace options, but it’s important to make sure the area is well-ventilated and as clean from debris as possible. Tripping or fainting while running a power tool will almost certainly lead to disaster.

5. Watch your cords

Electrical shocks are common hazards that can usually be avoided. To ensure electrical safety, don’t plug in too many devices into one outlet, stay away from moisture, use tools with double electrical insulation, and keep them wires from getting tangled. You don’t want to get snagged on a wire and go face first into your project.

6. Turn it off

Always turn off your power tools when not in use, and unplug them if they will be unused for a long period of time. Even if you’re just going to set it down momentarily, it needs to be switched off. A power tool in motion can leave a destructive trail.

7. Be prepared for the worst

No matter how cautious you are, accidents will happen. Having a telephone with preprogrammed emergency numbers and a first aid kit can help you out of a difficult situation. Make sure that your first aid kit includes more than just band-aids. Alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, medical tape, tweezers, soap, scissors, and plastic gloves are all necessities.

8. Educate your children

Very young children should not be allowed near power tools and they should be stored and locked in a safe place. Teenagers should be taught safety tips early if they will be allowed to use power tools. Even with safety training, they should always be supervised closely.

A little slip is all it takes to cause some serious damage. By always following safety rules, most accidents can be avoided and risks greatly reduced. The more knowledgeable you are about your tools and how they work, the better shape you’ll be in.

About the Author: Power tools help in performing different things ranging from replacing the kitchen countertop to hanging a new entryway door. However, working with Makita power tools can sometimes become dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Visit


to learn more about safety measure



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Chilean musicians perform concert for Peralillo, Chile residents

August 26th, 2017

Saturday, April 17, 2010

More than 50 musicians held a concert for and donated school tools to schoolboys at Peralillo, Chile The Víctor Jara High School and the Violeta Parra School were both affected by the 2010 Chile earthquakes.

Peralillo is part of the O’Higgins Region and is located around 10 kilometers from Santa Cruz along the road to Pichilemu. It has almost 10,000 inhabitants, most of whom work in agriculture. The Víctor Jara High School and the Violeta Parra School were severely damaged by the earthquakes. The musicians gave the students musical instruments and school tools such as pencils, erasers, and rulers in addition to books for their school libraries.

Some of the artists that went to Peralillo include Juanita Parra (drummer of Los Jaivas), José Seves (Inti-Illimani), Cecilia Echenique, Alexis Venegas, Denisse (Aguaturbia) and K-Reena. Two hip-hop bands, Zaturno, and Juana Fé, performed in the centre of Peralillo on Friday morning.

Apple launches new, faster iPhone

August 26th, 2017

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apple Computer today announced its latest iteration of their popular iPhone, the iPhone 3G S. The new hardware, revealed at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference drew attention from the media and iPhone owners alike.

Features new to the iPhone include an upgraded camera, which also allows users to record video and sound, as well as “voice control”, which will allow users to control most features of the iPhone with their voice. The new phone will also come pre-loaded with the new iPhone 3.0 software, which will be available on June 17, two days before the phone launches.

In addition to the new iPhone hardware, Apple also demonstrated some of the features of its new desktop operating system, Snow Leopard, and highlighted the new Safari 4.0 web browser.

The iPhone 3G S will be available in a 16 GB and 32 GB models, retailing for US$199 and $299 respectively.

Wikinews interviews Tatsuhisa Yabushita of NBGI

August 26th, 2017

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Many rhythm gamers are anticipating the release of Taiko no Tatsujin 11: Asian Version”, the Namco Bandai Games Inc. (NBGI) beta version of which was recently showcased at the 2008 Taipei Game Show.

In fact, several managers from amusement stores in Taiwan frequently imported large quantities of arcade games, including rhythm games. Eventually, some slot machine developers modified codes from several game consoles like the Wii, PlayStation 2 (PS2), and Sega Saturn to fulfill needs for amusement arcades, but they risked hardware failure and copyright infringement.

But before those modifications happened in Taiwan, many rhythm games just used songs from other arcade machines due to copyright issues from enrolled songs.

The upcoming game will benefit Mandarin-language gamers after its release, but it may hide some secrets behind the development of “Taiko no Tatsujin 11: Asian Version”. Wikinews reporter Rico Shen recently interviewed the producer of “Taiko no Tatsujin” Tatsuhisa Yabushita to talk about some of the background of this upcoming game and its series.

The Drop Shipping Business}

August 23rd, 2017

Submitted by: Sylvia White

You have suddenly found the perfect Business and you are all geared up to make lots of money. You have see the ads about Drop shipping and it sounds great.

Well of course it is great for some people! BUT will it be great for you?

Of course it will you think! Well think again its not as easy as it sounds and don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need money.

First of all you start your search for drop shippers, Wow there is loads. Go on click on one or two.

That’s right you have a found a great drop shipper but first of all they want a joining fee, OK you join, now what! You find it is a list with loads of drop shippers you can use. This is even better, so you click on one or two, and lo and behold they want you to pay as well to sell their products!

YouTube Preview Image

Is it a wind up? No they really do, It might be just a few pounds or a lot of pounds. And then to make things worse some of them want holding fee to make sure you use their site. It could be 20 or 30 depending on which site you pick. They call it a trust.

OK you pay up again, but oh the disappointment when you see their sale products, Most of them are already advertised on Ebay and other auction sites, and when you check they are selling them at much cheaper prices than you could ever hope to do.

WOW again, you have found one that is really free to use, yes there are a few out there. BUT a slight drawback. They have a big warehouse, but evidently this warehouse only stocks one of each product or so it seems.

Ok you decide to have a go any way, perhaps you have chosen jewellery, so you go to Ebay and put a gorgeous gold ring on auction for five days. Great someone has made a bid, at the end of five days you find you have made a nice little profit. They pay up and off you go to warehouse to pay the cash so the ring will be drop shipped to the customer.

Oh dear they have run out of stock! not surprising when there was only one to start with. What do you tell your happy customer who thinks they have just got a bargain and they are eagerly waiting for it.

What a great start, your disgruntled customer leaves you negative feedback and wham that’s a black mark on Ebay.

So back you go and read every thing you can if they have a forum. What is the advice that you find, Purchase first to be sure of the product then put it for sale. So much for starting your business without having to spend.

If you can afford to purchase it then go ahead, it is a risk like anything else, but when you see hundreds of the same or similar on the auction you just have to hope that yours is the chosen one that they bid on.

Its quite true that some one some where will bid on anything, so instead of spending 10 or 20 on a piece of jewellery or whatnot, take a tenner and go to your nearest pound shop and buy ten items, see what you make on them.

That is my advice, take it or leave it. I bet you make a profit.

About the Author: Sylvia White. Author and Business website owner of






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Cocaine found in frozen mango puree shipped to Montréal, Canada

August 22nd, 2017

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced Tuesday that they had seized approximately 160 kilograms of cocaine discovered in buckets of frozen mango puree imported from Mexico.

Investigations led the police to a shipping container destined for the Port of Montréal, in the Canadian province of Québec. A CBSA officer at the Container Examination Centre in Montréal identified the suspect container. The drug was found in brick-shaped plastic wrapping of about 4 kilograms in weight each. There were 1,200 buckets of frozen mango puree in the shipment, not all with cocaine inside.

RCMP Sgt. André Potvin told reporters that the value of the shipment was significant and was the largest maritime port drug haul in the force’s history. At CA$20 per half-gram, “that’s in the vicinity of $38 million,” said Potvin.

The investigation by the RCMP Drug Section, CBSA Intelligence officers, the Marine Security Enforcement Team and the Port of Montréal Security Group, determined that an import company, named Quality Mexport, was allegedly a front for the drug-smuggling operation.

Five Mexicans, holding visitor status in Canada, were arrested in the matter. They are:

  • Juan Manuel Huerta Canela, 31;
  • Jose Gerardo Bernal Vasquez, 52;
  • Jose Luis Navarro Ochoa, 33;
  • Jesus Manuel Villa Quiroz, 32; and
  • Alfonso Strag Estrada, age 50.

The suspects have been charged with importing and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking. The charges are allegations at this point in time.

News briefs:May 16, 2010

August 22nd, 2017
 Correction — August 24, 2015 These briefs incorrectly describe BP as ‘British Petroleum’. In fact, such a company has not existed for many years as BP dropped this name when becoming a multinational company. The initials no longer stand for anything. 
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ETA places explosives on Tour de France route in Spain

August 22nd, 2017

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Authorities in Spain say that at least two explosive devices were found on a section of the Tour de France bicycle race just outside the Spanish town of Belagua. Authorities say that “a small amount of explosives”, were placed inside plastic food containers then placed on both sides of the road.

There are no reports of injuries but conflicting reports say that the cyclists passed the area before the devices went off, while others report that the devices were detonated before the cyclists passed.

The Basque separatist group known as the ETA have claimed responsibility for placing the devices on the route. A telephone call was placed to authorities by someone claiming to be from the ETA who threatened to use the devices.